Follow-up To: Hottest Twitch Female Streamers (w/NEW POLL!)

I want to start by thanking my viewers, fans, followers, and most importantly, the Twitch Community for their overwhelmingly positive support for my most recent blog: The Hottest Female WoW Twitch Streamers: Ranked! (w/Poll).

At first I was concerned that people would perceive my intentions as being mean-spirited, cruel and/or degrading, or think that I would be trying to put my blog hits on farm status at the expense of these wonderful and entertaining ladies, but I think we can now all agree that was not the case.

I don’t mean to brag, but here are some of the comments I received via fan mail:

“Fresh, Original, and Engrossing…Gorgeously Realized”

– G. Martin

“I was mesmerized from start to finish! Unforgettable characters, a plot that kept me guessing, nonstop action, and the kind of in-depth storytelling that makes me admire a writer’s work.”

– T. Brooks

“High octane thriller!”

– K. Drix

However, in the unlikely event that anyone found my post hurtful, disrespectful or insulting, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies and accept full responsibility for my actions.

Even though our shared bond is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, it’s important to remember that the person twerking in front of the webcam is still a human being with hopes, dreams, and most importantly, feelings, just like the rest of us.

As such, they deserve to be treated with respect.

It’s no excuse, but sometimes we beautiful, e-famous, über popular streamers who are used to being in the public eye and dealing with harsh and unfair criticism forget that not everyone has mastered the ability to brush off the barbs, sit back, and have a good, hearty guffaw at ourselves with those who adore us.

First and foremost, the Twitch Community is one big family, and if there is one thing families do, its maintain open lines of communication in order to graciously give and receive constructive criticism.

If my blog proved anything, it’s that our family not only appreciates, respects, and celebrates those who are willing to invest time and effort into helping make everyone around us as perfect as we are, but also that our family is tighter than ever.

Unfortunately though, it looks like the blog was all for naught as the finishing places of Hottest Streamers chosen by the staff at didn’t even come close to matching up to the fan favorites vote.

This leads me to believe there was an error with the Polldaddy poll which led to Victoria getting votes meant other Streamers.

Due to this egregious error, I’ve applied a complex mathematical algorithm to the results, and am pleasantly surprised to report the following changes:

Bugged Polldaddy Results:

  1. Victoria: 293 Votes
  2. Mia Rose: 232 Votes
  3. Luna: 191 Votes
  4. Yoni: 164 Votes
  5. Titters: 158 Votes
  6. Alinity: 156 Votes
  7. Tease 28 Votes

Corrected Polldaddy Results:

  1. Luna: 293 Votes
  2. Victoria: 232 Votes
  3. Titters: 191 Votes
  4. Yoni: 164 Votes
  5. Mia Rose: 158 Votes
  6. Teaselol: 156 Votes
  7. Alinity 28 Votes

Which is not surprising since it matches up exactly with my initial ranking.

Damn, I’m good at this.

Congratulations on your win, Luna.

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